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Yay! Legends Every highlights art inspired by the worlds of DC Comics and Vertigo.

By Daniel Barron


There are many legendary divisions in fandom. Star Wars vs. Star Trek. The Beatles vs. The Stones. Gamers vs. Women. But one of the most enduring and well-known has to be the ongoing feud between devotees of entertainment giants Marvel and DC Comics. You would think family entertainment about superheroes would be fun and games, but ladies, have you ever tried saying that Batman v Superman sucks on social media? We do NOT recommend it! Anyway, no rational human wants to be well actually-ed on whether or not Superman’s laser vision can melt steel beams. Who knew that companies dedicated to children’s stories about men in funny costumes would someday reduced legions of grown men to children in defense of how “adult” their obsessions are?

It’s silly, really, because especially in the case of the DC canon these costumed heroes are some of the most classical emblems of old-fashioned morals in popular culture. One shows that you can have a traumatic childhood and still not come out a total b-hole. One evolved into a defining feminist icon. One of them even stands for “Truth, Justice, and the American Way!”. All respect to Frank Miller, but here at Yay! LA we like our Dark Knights with a side of cream and our Men of Steel with red undies bulging proud.

The following installment of Yay! Legends Every Day finds our Super Friends exploring the multi multiverses of the DC Comics and Vertigo imprints. From Caped Crusaders to hardcore pets these brave and bold talents are sure to turn your Blackest Night into a Brighter Day.

Now you wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts!


kris holmes art

Arrow (2012) – Kris Holmes

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gary musgrave art

Batman (1966) – Gary Musgrave

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kevin bannister art

Batman Returns (1992) – Kevin Bannister

“The Nine Lives of Selina Kyle”

Medium: acrylic ink and digital

Batman Returns (like everything Tim Burton’s ever done) is so intensely visual it was tough to choose a subject. I went through about 12 different ideas before settling on this one (I plan on finalizing more later on, especially of the Penguin!). Finding reference for this was a blast, look up her claws online sometime, Catwoman’s pretty much a female Edward Scissorhands!

Selina Kyle’s crazy transformation sequence has fascinated me ever since I was a kid (that leather outfit’s not bad either), and her character’s warped counterpoint to Batman makes her even more interesting. I’ve never seen a visual breakdown of all her nine lives so I figured I’d give it a shot.”

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joseph karg art

The Flash (1940) – Joseph Karg & Chris Bivins

Medium: watercolor, Photoshop

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brian canio art

Preacher (1995) – Brian Canio

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melissa sue stanley art

The Sandman (1989) – Melissa Sue Stanley

“Joyful Girl” (Delirium)

Medium: watercolor and w&n drawing, inks on paper
Size: 11×14″

“Delirium’s confusions, struggles, and odd strengths have always seemed familiar and close to home for me. Especially when I was younger and feeling lost and strangely dressed.”

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stefano flonta

Suicide Squad (2016) – Stefano Flonta

Medium: watercolor on paper

Size: 12×9″

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Superman: The Movie (1978) – Chuck Kerr

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scott holloway art

Swamp Thing (1971) – Scott Holloway

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V For Vendetta (2006) – Kristen Lopez

“Noise is relative to the silence preceding it. The more absolute the hush the more shocking the thunderclap.”

Medium: watercolor

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WE3 (2004) – Narcisco Espiritu

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And now for some bonus DC art by other participating artists! [Works are not part of the official Yay! Legends Every Day lineup.]


erin gallagher

Preacher art by Erin Gallagher for ddd


john d wiltshire art

V for Vendetta art by John D. Wiltshire


jessica perner art

Jessica Perner’s take on Batman: The Animated Series


darcy ripley

Darcy Ripley’s Batgirl


jenn woodall art

Jenn Woodall’s Batgirl


Aquaman art by Scott Holloway

Aquaman art by Scott Holloway


catherine bursill moore art

The Sandman art by Catherine Bursill Moore


Batman art by Kevyn Scmidt

Batman art by Kevyn Scmidt

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