ANNOUNCEMENT: Yay! LA Magazine is Bidding Farewell…

0 Comments 03 August 2016

It’s time.

By Daniel Barron


Dear Readers,


After considerable (and painful) deliberation I have decided to officially  announce that Yay! LA Magazine will be folding after four-and-a-half years on the web. I have been very pleased with the publication’s evolution since it launched in February of 2012. What began as a personal blog snowballed into a much more ambitious  forum for a diverse range of voices. This direction was not only unexpected, but I believe cultivated a new creative community that continues to thrive in LA and beyond.

The decision to bring the site to a close comes after more than a month of intense reflection. There are many ways I have wanted the brand to grow, and in time perhaps it can achieve those goals, but in recent months it had become abundantly clear that there was insufficient time, funding, and resources to make my ambitions a feasible reality. Yay! LA will be transitioning away from being an online arts and culture journal, as it has become most widely recognized,  but endure in it’s commitment to supporting and inspiring creativity. I am excited to see where the brand can grow and will hopefully continue working with many of the same people who have made what you have enjoyed possible.

Content will continue to roll out on the site thru the month of August, but no new inquiries for coverage are currently being accepted. These posts will include the rest of the Yay! Legends Every Day lineup and adjacent material, interviews and features that have been in the queue for awhile, and perhaps a few “Best of” collections to pay tribute to Yay! LA history. [The site’s social media channels will remain active until further notice. ]

To all of the editors and contributors that have made the site what it is I offer you my most sincere thanks. This has been a collective achievement. It is impossible to understate the significance of the connections that I have made a result of running the publication and I only hope that it was a fraction as significant to all of you. We have worked hard and the reception from readers both online and off is a testament to that.

To our readers, we thank you for engaging with the work and sharing our enthusiasm for it over the years. We rarely had time to pay attention to subjects that we weren’t passionate about and we are glad that affection was received and internalized. My life gets better the less I am afraid to try new things and if there is one message I have hoped to convey with the magazine above all else it has been to celebrate that which is original, off-road, and avant-garde.
To new, better things for all of us. See you at the top!
Stay weird,
Daniel Barron,


Yay! LA Editor-in-Chief Daniel Barron

Yay! LA Editor-in-Chief Daniel “The Captain” Barron

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