Yay! HMAD 2K15 Full Recap

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darcy ripley art

A recap of the first annual Yay! Horror Movie A Day art project.

By Daniel Barron


What part of “minimal commitment” didn’t you all understand?

We had modest expectations for what would become of Yay! Horror Movie A Day when it was first proposed back in late July. For two years, Long Beach artist Michael Ramstead had set a very high bar with his Horror Movie A Day sketch series. With his hands full on account of his Bones in the Black Tree graphic novel I proposed that we involve many of our friends and acquaintances in the art world as we could. Filling out thirty-one slots for thirty-one days seemed like a daunting task, but we quickly learned how wrong we were.

It’s safe to say that peoples’ level of commitment quickly eclipsed our expectations, and once we unveiled the first few submissions a fierce fire of competition had been sparked. We’re not upset, obviously, and a pretty significant precedent has been set. It’s great that artists were attracted to enduring gems, instant classics, and many deep cuts favorites. How we proceed from here is open to discussion.
In February, we plan to announce a new illustration series inspired by popular works of Fantasy and Sci-Fi. This will include many mainstream favorites including Star Wars, Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Mad Max, The Hunger Games, the Planet of the Apes series, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the films of Hayao Miyazaki. The goal is to finalize a schedule in early March with a launch date of late June that will finish up in time for July’s San Diego Comic-Con. Based on feedback it seems as though a vast majority of the participants in Yay! Horror Movie A Day are open to returning. We would certainly love to have a presence at the event, or at least hold an event sometime within its orbit for promotional purposes. Of course, putting on a gallery show would come with its own limitations to consider. Significantly less people could apply and there is no way that any venue would allow so many pieces to be unveiled before an exhibition. Imposing an elimination-based sign-up sanction could also prove problematic as the titles for this series will no doubt be more contentious. We have considered initiating a brief priority registration period for future sign-ups but even that makes us feel a bit icky. After all, we would love for everyone involved to sell their works and some properties are simply more marketable than others.
E-mail your feedback and suggestions to In the meantime, enjoy our full twelve-part set of our inaugural Yay! Horror Movie A Day series. Also provided below: links to every relevant Artist Feature and Spotlight. We are super honored that so many defining talents could be involved and are beyond excited for the future of similar series with Yay! LA!


jaw cooper art

Under the Skin, J.A.W. Cooper


The Full Set

I- It Came From Outer Space!

II- Eat Fresh

III- Monsters Unleashed

IV- Don’t Feed The Animals

V- Slash Fiction

VI- Obey Your Thirst

VII- Beasts of the East

VIII- Oh My Science!

IX- I Love Lucifer

X- Arthouse of the Devil

XI- Keeping Up With The Crazies

XII- You’re My Boo


julian callos art

It Follows, Julian Callos

Artist Features

Elisa Ang (Crimson Peak)

J.A.W. Cooper (Under the Skin)

Jensine Eckwall (Antichrist)

Sina Grace, P.I and P.II (The Craft)

Sarah Joncas (The Babadook)

Edith Lebeau (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Lokhaan (The Fog)

Catherine Bursill Moore (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street)

Rich Pellegrino (Beetlejuice)

Emi Slade (Alien)

John Wentz (Let The Right One In)

John D. Wiltshire (Goodnight Mommy, Hannibal– TV)


jessica perner art

Starry Eyes, Jessica Perner

Artist Spotlights

Weshoyot Alvitre (BioShock, Prometheus, The Birds)

Steven Russell Black (Bride of Frankenstein)

Soren Valdemar Byrial (The Beyond)

Brian Canio (Audition, Death Proof, Something Wicked This Way Comes)

Ryan Bartlett (The X-Files, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II, Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives)

Cora Crimson (Penny Dreadul)

Erin Gallagher (Night of the Hunter)

Smashley Art aka Ashley Gallagher (From Dusk Till Dawn)

Kevin Gardner (The Phantom of the Paradise)

Evgeniya Golik (Edward Scissorhands)

Kenny Gordon (Hellboy, Fright Night– 2011)

Nicole Goux (Metropolis)

Aimee Kuester (The Walking Dead, Bram Stoker’s Dracula)

Brad Lacke (Jurassic World, Uzumaki)

Gretchen Lewis (Frankenweenie)

Vanessa Menendez (Shutter Island)

Joseph Murdach (Mars Attacks!, This Is The End, City of Lost Children)

Alexa Orozco (Carnival of Souls)

Michael Parsons (Dead Ringers, The Gate, The Stuff)

Satine Phoenix (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me)

Tara Themm (Stoker)

Johnie Thorton (Funny Games)

Jenn Woodall (Parasite Eve)


ken garduno

Black Swan, Ken Garduno


brad lacke art

Jurassic Park, Brad Lacke


edith lebeau art

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Edith Lebeau


aimee kuester art

The Walking Dead, Aimee Kuester


vanessa menendez art

Shutter Island, Vanessa McKee


john wentz art

Let The Right One In, John Wentz


sarah joncas art

The Babadook, Sarah Joncas


catherine bursill moore art

Sweeney Todd, Catherine Bursill Moore


emerald barkley art

The Ring, Emerald Barkley


steven russell black art

Bride of Frankenstein, Steven Russell Black


sina grace art

The Craft, Sina Grace


john d wiltshire art

Goodnight Mommy, John D. Wiltshire


stefano flonta art

No Country For Old Men, Stefano Flonta


darcy ripley art

The Shining, Darcy Ripley

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