Trax- EMYLE, “Drunk On You”

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Trax highlights the songs that need to be in your rotation.

By Daniel Barron


Recently, Yay! LA Magazine premiered the first single from electropop singer EMYLE, “Let It Rain.” Now, Trax highlights to the companion piece to her first EP, which was produced by Mark Pistel (Hercules & Love Affair, Meat Beat Manifesto) and drops this Friday. The following song, “Drunk On You,” is considerably more danceable and propulsive than “Let It Rain.” “Drunk” may be a metaphor in this context, but if you need to actually get shitfaced in order to move with it we geddit.


EMYLE on what the song means to her:

“‘Drunk On You’ is a song essentially about getting lost in another person.  Maybe it’s someone you just met, or maybe it’s someone you’ve known for a long time. Just allowing yourself to sink deeper into letting go of worry and fear, connect with someone and become one. Completely unified in our humanity. You know those nights, when you just want to leave the world behind and dance, or listen to some great music. It’s not even about being ‘DRUNK’ necessarily. ‘Drunk on you’ is more of a metaphor for getting lost in the moment. Which we so often forget to do now.  Always focused on instant satisfaction and what’s next.  With technology, etc. there’s always something better.  But what if being here right now is best? It’s a song I wrote to remind myself to live in the moment. Something that I also struggle with being able to do. This song is a reminder to everyone, to have fun!”
EMYLE on the song’s production:
“It was a pretty clear concept form the beginning.  Which is always a blessing.  I was in the shower and I started humming.   Then some sound like ‘DRUNK ON YOU’ happened.   Then I kept singing it.  And jumped out of the shower and ran to my computer.  I didn’t even finish washing my hair I don’t think.  I just sat with shampoo sitting in my hair drying, haha.   I laid down the beat on my computer,  along with some other fun manipulated synthy sounds.    I shot over the rough draft to Mark and he really jazzed it up.  My favorite addition of his are the bongos,  and the driving beat.  Mark is really great at making a solid beat to get people tapping their toes.  The ‘run gotta run’ part,  was something I came up with on the fly in the studio.   Basically reflecting on that feeling when you’re just ready to run away emotionally from all the bullshit,  and go have a great night with some friends.  Or even by yourself on your own adventure!”



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