The Hive Gallery explores “My L.A.”

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The Hive explores life in L.A. through the photographic lens’ of Angelenos.

By Evan Senn


Everone’s experience in the city of angels is different. For decades now, people have flocked to this creative capitol in hopes of finding something special—and most of the time they do. But, with 3.884 million people in this city, rarely do we hear about or see the wide variety of the many different stories and experiences that make this place special to so many people. The Hive, established in 2005 has been consciously promoting and supporting the unique stories and expression of individuals and communities since its inception.

Los Angeles is one of the most artistic and fabulous havens for art in the world, and around every corner is fascinating, relevant, and visually intriguing art. The Hive Gallery and Studios is of the longest standing galleries on the Downtown Art Walk, and is on the forefront of establishing the Los Angeles Metro area as a world-wide art mecca. It is a collective of sorts, filled with a community of art and artists that care about the creativity in this city, and don’t care about pretention. In addition, The Hive serves as an arts community hub, holding various fundraising events, and gallery programs.

“We seek to break down the quiet, traditional, art-on-white-walls, viewing experience and create a gallery atmosphere that is as equally alive as it’s artwork,” says the Hive founder Nathan Cartwright. Documentary / street photographer and filmmaker Michael Rababy has been in love with this city for decades, and spends most of his time documenting it in all its strange and wonderful glory. This month, Rababy has decided to curate 20 artists into an exhibition that focuses on photography and the lovely city of Los Angeles, entitled “My LA,” which opens September 5, 2015.


Photograph by David Valera.

Photograph by David Valera.



The first of hopefully many more to come, “My LA” is slated to be an annual photography exhibit at The Hive Gallery, and highlights L.A. based photographers, and their personal point of view on their city.


Photograph by George Byrne.

Photograph by George Byrne.



“What color is LA?  Is it the grey June gloom skies that perplex tourists in Venice beach? The late-night light-blue haze coming down from a night up in Hollywood? The muted earth tones that frame the promenading talent at Runyan Canyon?  The screaming bright yellow sports car parked at the valet stand in Beverly Hills? Wheat-grass green? Habanero orange? Stucco beige?  Fucking stucco…,” muses Rababy, about the impending project.


Photograph by George Sifuentes.

Photograph by George Sifuentes.


For Australian transplant George Byrne, it’s the cyan skies that float above his minimalist urban compositions. For Mark Velasquez, skin tones reflect inspired flashes of California light. Jamie Lee Curtis Taete and Michelle Groskopf see L.A. in Technicolor brilliance grounded in the absurd. Leslie Rosenthal and Robert Yager see L.A. in black and white. It’s light and dark with a lot of heart in between. Jerry Weber focuses his camera on the white robe worn by a Jesus figure spreading love throughout the city. Roy DyBuncio‎ finds life in deep, dark tones. I’m honored to share my work among these photographers that have captured, so well, the many nuanced tones and colors of the creative capital of the world.”


Photograph by Jerry Weber.

Photograph by Jerry Weber.

Photograph by Rush Varela.

Photograph by Rush Varela.

Photograph by Taylor Brooks.

Photograph by Taylor Brooks.

Photograph by Samira Phillips.

Photograph by Samira Phillips.

michael rababy - frogtown bicycle 105_4164

Photograph by Michael Rababy.

Photograph by Robert Yager.

Photograph by Robert Yager.


“MY LA” – The Hive Gallery First Annual Photography Show

Curated by Michael Rababy


Opening Saturday September 5th, 8 – 11pm

Downtown LA art walk event Thursday evening September 10th, 1 – 11pm

Artist Q&A Thursday, September 17th, 7:30pm

Show will run through September 26th


The Hive Gallery

729 S Spring St,

Los Angeles, CA 90014

(213) 955-9051


Featuring art by:

Michael Bandy

Taylor Brooks

George Byrne

Ronnie T. Clark

Roy DyBuncio

Michelle Groskopf

Sarah Hadley

Jason Macdonald

Rick Mendoza

Samira Phillips

Josh S. Rose

Leslie Rosenthal

Rinzi Ruiz

George Sifuentes

Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

David Valera

Rush Varela

Mark Velasquez

Jerry Weber

Robert Yager

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