Male-Centric Movie Scenes Get Remixed w/ SWAPPED

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Spotlight on the SWAPPED video series, in which iconic male-centric scenes get gender bent.

By Daniel Barron


When a Nancy Drew pilot is rejected for being “too female” you know that the film industry has a diversity problem. In a post-recession, post-Marvel explosion world, “this much” money became quaint when the prospect of “THAT much” revenue looked within reach. And entertainment geared towards women has suffered because of it. When women comprise 50-55% of movie tickets, 68% of theater tickets, watch the majority of TV, and control the majority of consumer spending why are they so underserved in modern media?

Enter SWAPPED, a new video series from comedian and producer Dani Faith Leonard that injects well-known male-centric movie scenes with an added X (chromosome) factor. By gender bending the roles, these shot-for-shot experiments hope to inspire viewers to reflect on the way that gender influences a story’s tone and perspective.

“Women are 50% of the real-world US workforce, but only 20% of the onscreen workforce.  Movies at their best are about exploring what could be.  It’s our role to lead the way, not to follow from twenty years behind the curve,” writes producer Samuel.

For SWAPPED‘s inaugural episode, Leonard, Samuel, and director Mark Philip Lichtenstein chose to dissect the infamous “business card” scene from Mary Harron’s now-classic 2000 skewering of male ego, American Psycho. Lichtenstein comments: “My goal was to develop Patricia Bateman, not to present an impression of Christian Bale’s character as a woman,” writes Leonard.  “Exploring these characters in their own right is the point of this experiment.  These roles were rebuilt and played as if for the first time, and I’m thrilled with the results.”

Leonard notes that she would love to partner with a platform to shoot and release more episodes. Whether you believe the experiment is successful or not, Leonard and her cohorts want you talking. Contribute to the conversation yourself by following along on Twitter with the hashtag #SWAPPED. Yes, even you with the big, throbbing “well, actually” in your pocket.

“We welcome trolls too – I look forward to correcting their grammar.”


Patricia Bateman: Dani Faith Leonard
Paula Allen: Mara Wilson
Dana Van Patten: Keisha Zollar
Louise Carruthers: Julie Rosing
Tabitha Bryce: Anna Suzuki
Claire McDermott: Nivedita Kulkarni
Marsha Halberstram: Laura Kleinbaum
Colleagues: SJ Son, Rasheda Crockett, Jordan Randolph


Some scene by scene comparisons:









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