Yay! LA Magazine is always open to new staff writers and contributors.  For all submissions, please include a bio to appear at the bottom of your post as well as any links to personal pages or social media accounts that you would like us to promote. If we think you’re a good fit, we’ll get back to you soon.


For articles/story proposals / literary submissions: Submit to the Editor-in-Chief Daniel Barron at

[NOTE: As of 1/18/2016 we are not accepting literature submissions until further notice.]



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live in LA to be a contributor?

Not at all.  While the magazine was originated in Los Angeles, we are devoted to attracting readers all over the world and in fact conduct many of our interviews remotely.  We would love to expand the scope of the publication and believe that a good writer can come from anywhere.  We are particularly interested in having more correspondents in San Francisco and New York.  Global contributors would also be great.


Is there compensation for being a Yay! writer?

Generally speaking, no.  We do not currently make a dime off of Yay! LA and as a result do not supply compensation for our writers.  We started this magazine because there were few periodicals we felt were publishing quality writing– even from magazines that we looked up to.  So, we decided to start a magazine that we would want to read.  The same rules apply for photographers, although there have been special occasions where they have been paid for their time.


What will I be writing about?

In terms of what you would be writing about, that is dependent on proposals from the Editors and your own initiative.  The world is vast and we can’t be aware of everything.  If there is a subject that you would be eager to write about we would be happy to review your proposal for consideration.  Perhaps there is a precedent for the kind of content you would like to contribute, but if you can create a compelling argument for why we should consider something new and different, we would be open to hearing your suggestions.

Can I write about art/music/books/etc.?

If you express a desire to write in a particular field of interest we can send you a style guide relating to that topic.

How often do I need to contribute?

Whether you would like to be a consistent contributor or submit something just once is up to you.  Quality matters more to us than quantity.  Obviously, some stories are more time-sensitive than others (i.e. An artist that has a gallery show coming up or a band that is about to release an album) and so we must be respectful of those factors or risk irrelevancy.


Will you accept material that has been previously published?

While it is not an unbreakable rule, we would prefer it if Yay! LA was a hub for original content.  However, if the material is strong enough and not all over the web we will consider it.


Can I repost my article on my personal blog or portfolio?

At Yay! LA, we love to help cultivate and promote our talent.  If you would like to promote your personal blog or projects, you are welcome to do so in your bio or at the bottom of your posts.  You are also welcome to repost your contributions on your personal blog or portfolio, but for SEO purposes we ask that you allow us to post the content on Yay! LA first.

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