Sketch- “Mr. Doxxer” w/ Brad Gage

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brad gage

Brad Gage spoofs Mr. Robot in this comedy short directed by Eric Lombart.

by Daniel Barron



By now you’ve seen or a least have heard about the edgy, critically-acclaimed cable drama Mr. Robot, right? If not, get on it! But the cyberthriller is even more real and immediate than you think.  It used to be that a man could say whatever he wanted about any group of people without regard for their feelings. They called that “freedom.” But as the following short shows, you still have the power to fight back. Watch what fappens as hacktavist Brad Gage uses his God-bestowed gifts to take on the PC Police State and bring down the oppressive 49.6%.

Also, Pro-Tip: Do NOT put a Hot Pocket in the microwave for five minutes like I just did. It will fucking nuke your mouth. Jesus Christ.




Written By and Starring Brad Gage
Directed and Shot by Eric Lombart
Executive Producer – Anna Akana
Sound – Eddie Mauldin

Bob Turton
Anna Akana
Mike Diva
Jasmine Elist
Beth Rowe
Janell Lenfert
Christina Kalvelege
Melissa Tabares

Special Thanks – Christian Spicer, Urban Social House


brad gage

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