Sina Grace’s Self-Obsessed is Back For Season 2!

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Comics author Sina Grace returns as himself in the webseries based off his own work, Self-Obsessed.

by Daniel Barron



My relationship with comics author Sina Grace dates way back, pre-Yay! LA even. I first heard the name in my college years when he took over answering fan mail in the back section of The Walking Dead, knew it had to be the same guy when I met him at a Silverlake coffee shop sometime in 2010. We got to know each other a lot better during a fun two-part interview we recorded in 2014 (P. I, P. II), where he was still at work on his latest graphic novel, the autobiographical anthology Self-Obsessed.

A lot has changed for Grace since then. Self-Obsessed was released, then adapted into a webseries starring none other than the author himself. Yay! LA premiered an episode of the first season last year, and at the end of March the show returned for an even-better season 2! For someone with no prior acting experience, my man has impeccable comic timing. As an added plus, this go-around features a role for Laura Silverman, who Grace professed to be a big fan of during our interview. His upcoming projects include the graphic memoir Nothing Lasts Forever, which drops in June, and that same month will see the release of the first two issues of an ongoing Iceman series he is writing for Marvel. I’ve known him long enough to recall when he thought being involved with a Marvel property was pie-in-the-sky. So in light of this paragraph, maybe write your dreams on a piece of paper, put them in a bottle, and life will spit out your Kevin Costner. Or place it in a magic mailbox and Keanu from the future will write back to you. They’re your dreams, you can do whatever you want with them.


Grace writes of Self-Obsessed season 2:

“My editor on Iceman always reminds me to pursue the path of least resistance when coming up with story. I feel like that note is seen all over the new season of Self-Obsessed, where so many dense plot details got pushed out of the way for quicker, cleaner storytelling (which, if I’m being honest came from running out of time during the shoot). The picture of who I want to be and how I want to get there is becoming more clear with every new project, and I hope you enjoy the ride.”


Watch the whole second season here.


And now, the season premiere…


Like Self-Obsessed? Now see Sina Grace in THREE DEE! He’ll be performing Saturday, April 22nd at the Bootleg Theatre as part of the storytelling series and podcast RISK!. Get tickets here and read more about RISK! in our interview with creator Kevin Allison.


Learn more about Sina Grace on his website.

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