The Macabre Moves of OdDancity’s “Intrinsick”

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Spotlight on the modern dance group ODancity and their upcoming showcase “Intrinsick.”

by Daniel Barron


March, 2nd, 2014- Something sinister has infested Kistina Pressler as she takes the stage of The Ruby Theatre. Soundtracked to eerie synths, her lithe figure slowly shivers to life as if her flesh is being puppeteered by some unseen malevolent force. Gradually, her movements become more violent as her head thrashes and her limbs begin to spasmodically flail. She skitters across the surface like an arachnid, betrayed by an all-too-human look on her face of impotent fear. It’s a visceral, audacious, unsettling display and our breaths remain choked by the frosty grip of her performance.

Pressler is part of an experimental modern dance company appropriately named OdDancity and her theatrics are a “freak preview” of their upcoming showcase Intrinsick, which runs Friday, May 8th and Saturday, May 9th at the Pieter Space in Los Angeles. Billed as a “psychological thriller dance,” the forty-five-minute show combines raw performances, chilling choreography by Alex Floyd, and ominous original music by composer Gian Trinidad. Intrinsick seeks to break new ground in performative art by conveying the physical language of the subconscious across five vignettes bookended by why Floyd calls “the human phase.” Collectively, this journey of inner turmoil takes the audience through the emotions of “Fear,” “Imprisonment,” “Paranoia,” “Evil,” and “Crazy.”

“In the beginning you see their real lives, their natural setting,” elaborates Floyd, “and then it kind of becomes a nightmare.”

Comprised of Pressler, Ana J. Miro Herrans, Angela Todaro, and Chrissie Leong, OdDancity was established by Floyd as a non-profit organization through the Dance Resource Center of Los Angeles. Tasked with manifesting our greatest fears, Floyd gave the cast some take-home assignments so that they could learn to better embrace their dark sides. “In the beginning of the process, definitely, I sent my dancers home and told them to come up with words that made them think of ‘evil’ and ‘fear’ and ‘paranoia.’ I built off of their perception of what those words were and how we could incorporate that into movement.”

Isolation and imprisonment are a key themes within the threads of Intrinsick, as the dancers are often required to mimic states of being caged or cuffed or straightjacketed. “I really tried to get them to emote through their whole body, as opposed to just through their face. I give them a lot of metaphors about what each movement should look like, if it’s supposed to look like a spider or something like something is happening to them.”

It’s fear brought to life through fearlessness, but Floyd is abundantly confident in the company’s ability to realize her vision. “These are the best group of dancers I’ve ever worked with and they really bring a lot of background with them, as opposed to just listening to what I have to say.”

Enter the void, yourself, when Intrinsick opens this weekend.


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Intrinsick performs Friday, May 8th at 9pm and Saturday, May 9th at 8pm at Pieter Space (420 W Ave 33, Los Angeles 90031). Purchase tickets here.

Learn more on the OdDancity website.

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