The “Nightmares” of the Strange Dreams Art Collective

0 Comments 11 April 2017

Spotlight on the Strange Dreams Art Collective’s first physical gallery show, “Nightmares,” at the Thumbprint Gallery.

by Daniel Barron



The Strange Dreams Art Collective is an exclusive, internationally-based network of illustrators with a flair for the fantastic. Their membership includes many talents involved with Yay! LA‘s Original Art Series (Evgeniya Golik, Jessica Perner, Cora Crimson, Jen Lightfoot, Holly Morningstar, David Camisa, Martin Darkside), and nearly every month the group holds an auction of new work that runs from the 1st thru the 5th. Each auction builds off of a particular theme and is outlined on the Strange Dreams Facebook page.

Until now, the collectives’ art was relegated to online platforms, but they took a big step forward this past Saturday with the opening of their first physical gallery show at San Diego’s Thumbprint Gallery. As a group with an inclination towards dreamlike imagery, this initial show was appropriately titled “Nightmares.”

Says the press release:

Color, shape, and form have hidden in the shadows for so long. What once twisted in the dark, now laid bare in the light. Not without beauty, each one a different glimpse into the night, each one unique a nightmare all its own.


The show runs thru Sunday, May 7th. Purchase the work here.


Evgeniya Golik, “Fear”


Carolina Seth, “We Are One”


Cora Crimson, “Paralysis”


Holly Morningstar, “Low Tide”


Jessica Perner, “Apltraum”


Jen Lightfoot, “Marilyn, Saint of Celebritarian”


Kyra Wilson, “Parched”


Monika Ptok-Byard, “Banshee”


Celene Petrulak, “Drifting Out of My Mind”


David Camisa, “Soul Collector”


Vitxy, “Eye in the Sky”


Martina D’Anastasio, “The Nightmare”


Stefania Santarcangelo, “Expanding Consciousness Into New Realms”


Marnie Pitts, “Phantasm”


Aimee Starr, “Disappearing”


Martin Darkside, “Death Waits For No One”


Kellie Marian Hill, “Shadows that Live”


Scott Holloway, “The Guide to the Wastelands”


Cori Bartz, “Without A Voice”


Nonie Cruzado, “Flooded”


Julie Zarate, “La Lechuza”


Braden Duncan, “Nevermore”



Learn more about the Strange Dreams Art Collective members and upcoming shows on their website.

Follow the Strange Dreams Art Collective: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

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