Music Video: Vylet, “Lightning”/”All That Glitters”

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Music video for baroque pop artist Vylet’s track “Lightning” and lyric video for her latest single “All That Glitters.”

by Daniel Barron



Today, Yay! LA brings you another sonic twofer with a pair of music videos courtesy of baroque pop singer Vylet. The solo artist is classically trained in violin and piano and found inspiration in Romantic composers such as Chopin and Rachmaninoff, an affinity she acquired at a age young age, when her grandfather would hand her cassette mixes of his favorite compositions. She would later begin composing melodies while studying visual arts in Paris at age 22. Now back in Los Angeles, Vylet fuses her classical training with electro-pop textures to create ethereal, often melancholic, soundscapes that speak of wistful memories and romantic inebriation.


The first of these two videos is for the track, “Lightning,” which dropped back in April. It was a DIY production shot on iPhones and the artist had this to say:


I wrote “Lightning” to explore how “love at first sight'” love looks later on, when the inevitable lows of life happen. Most of our popular media suggest that the initial romance is the end of the journey when in reality that’s probably the easiest part. I wanted the song to be really cinematic and slightly off-kilter to match the lyrics. I try to write both music and lyrics with some subtle uncertainty to mirror how most of us experience life. Hardly anyone is incredibly confident or sure of themselves all of the time.

We shot the video in a day at the Chateau Marmont on iPhones. I didn’t have a clear plan or shot list – I’ve known Krysle [Lip] for a long time so I trusted him to direct me and capture the feeling of “Lightning” which he did beautifully. I wanted there to be a feeling of solitude and rumination with some trippy elements which I think came through in the editing. 


Directed by Krysle Lip



Here is the lyric video for Vylet’s latest track, “All That Glitters,” in which the artist ponders our ability to distinguish the artifice of our perceptions from reality.







Learn more about Vylet on her website.

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