Music Video: Honey Child, “Gotta Wait Another Night”

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honey child

Music video for the new single by Claire McKweon’s Honey Child choir.

by Daniel Barron



Opera singer and composer Claire McKeown began her musical life on the opera stage, with past projects that have included Shadow Shadow Shade, Afternoons, and Dirt Bird. Her choir group Honey Child marks the ideal showcase of her sensibilities and combines soaring harmonies with a flair for surreal spectacle. All of this is apparent in the music video for their latest single, “Gotta Wait Another Night.”


Writes McKweon of the music video for the track:
The director, Dawn Garcia, ​suggested​ that we​ use some of my former looks from past projects as characters in the video. The powder wig from my last project “Dirt Bird” and the Nun’s habit from my past life as an opera singer. ​Dawn brilliantly requested that the nun should be a man and I thought of my friend Daniel Crook, who was a natural fit to play my cigarette-smoking nun alter ego.

We shot the ​beach​ scenes at Matador Beach,​ which was ​supposed to be me and the nun struggling in the ocean only to be interrupted by a surfer swimming by on their board. As fate would have it, there were no surfers to be found that day. Instead, what we were gifted with was a beautiful Asian couple taking wedding photos during magic hour which allowed for enough absurdity to make Fellini proud.

“Gotta Wait Another Night” was recorded at Eastwest Studios in the famed Studio 3 (Pet Sounds Room), which allowed for a wonderland of toys to play with. We used ribbon microphones, the echo chamber, Hammond organ, Steinway grand piano, tracked the orchestra live, added a heavenly string section, even ran the lead vocals through a Leslie.


Embrace the majesty of Honey Child when they be celebrate the release of the single on Friday, September 1st at The Echo, supported by Crook and Scrolls. Purchase tickets for the event here.




honey child



Learn more about Honey Child on her website.

Follow Honey Child: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp

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