Artist Spotlight: Joe Karg/Chris Bivins

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Artist Spotlight on the illustrative team of Joe Karg & Chris Bivins.
by Daniel Barron



Art is an often lonely activity, which makes good company valuable to come by. Atlanta-based artist Joe Karg has been close friends with fellow illustrator Chris Bivins since they first met at the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2004, but if the past year has been any indication, the cooperation of their creative talents was long overdue. The pair produced an array of well-received pop culture-related prints in anticipation for DragonCon, featuring characters from Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Harry Potter, among others, with no plans to slow down. Comic book collaborations are currently in the plans, as well.

Karg had a few quick words via e-mail about being a part of an artistic double team…

On how the team came together:
After my previous creative partner, Elio Guevara, and I parted ways, I was a solo act for a about a year. I was enjoying it as a comedy illustrator, but I was itching to give comic book work another crack. My style lent itself to a popular look that can be seen in books like Outcast and Mother Panic, but I have always been a much bigger fan of comic work that is less photo referenced, and more imagined. As I was thinking about how to move forward, I received word that I’d been accepted to a comic book convention in Atlanta called Dragon Con, and I reached out to my long time friend Chris Bivins to see if he’d like to do a collaborative trial run of about ten pop culture prints for the show. He is a brilliant cartoonist, so I was thrilled that he said yes. It went very well and the rest is history.

On the joys of their partnership
Beyond all the technical stuff, I think we work really well because we share the same taste in art and also have a wonderful chemistry with one another. Working with Chris is pure joy. I look forward to seeing him and working on our images as much as I would a vacation. On paper, I think it’s simple enough to say that Chris is kind of a figure artist and I’m more of a graphic artist. The combination allows bother of us to achieve a finished product that would be pretty difficult independently.

On the properties they are eager to tackle:
There are tons of properties we’d like to do some work on. Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Jack, X-Men, Torpedo, 100 Bullets, Hellblazer, Green Lantern, Batman, Gravity Falls…I could go on an on. We are big fanboys.

On dream comic cook collaborations:
We want to draw Spider-Man for Marvel and The Flash for DC. If we can put our hands on those characters, I think the fans would rejoice. The Flash especially needs someone like Chris drawing him.

Incidentally, for Yay! LA‘s Summer 2016 Yay! Legends Every Day series they chose The Flash.









The Flash art for Yay! Legends Every Day



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