Hikari Shimoda & Nouar at the Corey Helford Gallery

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hikari shimoda

Showcase on the group show at the Corey Helford Gallery featuring Hikari Shimoda and Nouar.


By Daniel Barron


It’s all pastels and pop art at Culver City’s Corey Helford Gallery with the opening of two exhibitions: “Fantastic Planet, Goodbye Man,” the first US show from Hikari Shimoda, and “Satisfaction Guaranteed!” a new collection of 3D resin paintings and sculptures from Nouar.  The shows opened on July 19th and will both run until Saturday, August 23rd.  Take a trip while you can try not to get too much of a sugar rush.



Based out of Nagano, Japan, Hikari Shimoda first began her career as a contemporary artist in 2008 after studying at the prestigious Kyoto Saga University of Art.  Since then, she has held exhibitions annually around the world, spanning Japan, the United States, Canada, and Italy.  Shimoda’s hallucinatory, pastel-colored aesthetic has been referred to as “Lowbrow-Irasuto,” which means artwork heavily inspired by anime and manga. Her pieces often depict images of children dressed in superhero uniforms and shojo magical girl costumes (think Sailor Moon), representative of the adult desire for children to grow and defend the world we have constructed.  They explore her search for salvation and understanding in a chaotic world.  Through her “Whereabouts of God” series, Shimoda uses devil-horned youth as a conduit with which to view the scars left by the Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters.

Writes Shimoda: “I believe that deities were created because the human race felt helpless and could no longer resolve its problems.  The idea of salvation as referred to by the Last Judgment of The Bible and afterlife in Buddhism promises that humanity will not perish.  We constantly wonder what will happen next.  I’ve created my vision of the world while thinking about such things.”






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Nouar is a Los Angeles-based sculptor and illustrator.  Following her graduation from the Art Center College of Design in 2004, she began working in TV animation for Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon studios as a background artist.  Since 2006, she has focused on her personal works, her candy-colored creations heavily inspired by vintage American mid-century design and commercial art.  Nouar has been exhibited in galleries around the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Rome, and London.

Of the Corey Helford show she writes: “These new pieces are unique, in that they are all three-dimensional, exploring the potential of transparent mixed media.  Being the largest body of work I have produced since 2011, the art is more technically refined and focused, using repetition to reflect the concept of mass-manufacturing and the practice of repackaging products and industry elements previously unexplored in my work.”








And now some shots from the opening…


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Image 27

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Image 6


Image 1


Keep updated on future Corey Helford Gallery shows on the official website.

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