Good as Gold – The Dreamy Sound of Emily Gold

0 Comments 23 October 2015

Dream Pop recluse Emily Gold will take you on a journey with her sound.

by Simon Weedn

Photos by Sarah Elise Abramson



In a city where the nights can seem to stretch on forever, and the lights of the various downtowns, main streets, and ports twinkle as brilliantly and wondrously as those we see in the skies overhead, it’s no surprise that this atmosphere might help inspire such a gorgeously lush piece of dream pop as Emily Gold’s new record, Recluse. Few artists are able to truly take listeners on journey’s with their music, but if one closes their eyes and allows it, Recluse will take listeners through rich, swirling, vibrant worlds, rife with catchy pop melody and expansive with bright psychedelic character.




With Recluse, Gold and her band dive deep into some of the most enveloping and textural indie rock one might hope to hear. Gold’s vocals ring out crisply and cleanly into the air, and seem to dance over the top of her band’s dynamic soundscapes like autumn leaves on the breeze. All the meanwhile the guitars, synths, bass, and drums work together to create layers of sound which both fill the space with heavy, full melodies while still leaving room for everything to breathe and be distinct.

Maybe even more stunning than just the overall sound captured on the album, is how intimate and revealing an experience listening to Recluse can be. Right from the start, one gets the feeling that Emily Gold is putting everything she has out there for all to see. Much of the album has a tenderness to it that, at times, makes the worlds that she weaves with her music seem almost as delicate as cut glass. However, this fragile beauty is very much balanced by the passion and intensity that you can hear burning behind her voice which gives these songs their true power and depth.




With Recluse, Emily Gold absolutely hits every bit of her mark, and manages to avoid many of the pitfalls which can plague first albums. Her sound is awesomely full and mature, and her songs, and the playing on them, are impressively tight. The album is so good, that one immediately wonders, what comes next from this? Where does Emily Gold go from here? However, with such a successful outing such as this, the answer to that question should be an easy, “Wherever she wants.”









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