“Five AM Moon” by Alyssa Crow

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Alyssa Crow is a Los Angeles-based poet & writer with Romantic sensibilities. Her mixed Asian identities position her in a fluid space of belonging and otherness that informs the battle between head-space and body-space, deeply influencing her work. Her poems are constructed with the truth of an experience, a moment, or a memory. Find more of her work here.



Five AM Moon


If the moon can transform every month,
why cant I?
Peel back
my old layer of skin
my old self and
transform into something new, push through
through the old layers
through to something transfixative
something that is not what it was before but still is something that is fresh
or new
or a mixture of old and past and present and possible futures together
why can’t I transform into something
other than what I am here and now?
The moon can transform every month, why can’t I?



Dissociate / Dissasociate


your proximity helped
and I didn’t feel so alone
but now that you’re further from my center
I have to increase my sense of
my connection to the earth
my ability to stay here
in this time
in this place
on this plane of existence
because you’re not here to help me feel time
to feel real
to feel anything
and your distance makes it hard it makes it hard your distance makes it hard to be aware of anything other than this longing for you




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Alyssa Crow is a Los Angeles based poet and writer. She was born and raised in San Diego and attended the University of San Diego where she received a B.A. in English. Promptly after graduation, she shipped off to South Korea to teach for a year. Afterwards, she settled in Los Angeles and began writing.

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