Cat-tastic Creativity is Back with the “Cat Art Show LA 2”

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Spotlight on the Cat Art Show LA 2 at the Think Tank Gallery.

By Sydney Walters


The feline frenzy strikes again. Opening March 24, Think Tank Gallery will feature Cat Art Show LA 2: The Sequel, the second annual art collection of our favorite fur-balls. Spearheaded by a cat-loving journalist Susan Michals, the show features accredited artists who share her fascination with cats.

Michals’ interest in cats lies in their “sinew and sheer determination.”


"What A Cat Thinks About" by Daniel Maidman

“What A Cat Thinks About” by Daniel Maidman

“Have you ever seen the cat Maru? The box is never too small. [Cats] don’t have an attitude of glass half empty. They’re going to do it. They have a magical quality to get into unusually tight places,” Michals explains.

It is this magical quality that has captivated so many artists. John Cage, Georgia O’Keefe, and Andy Warhol are some of the many notable artist-cat owners. Artists throughout history and across the board have had cat companions, but Michals emphasizes you can appreciate the physicality and tenacity of cats whether you are a cat lover, cat avoider, artist or stick-figure connoisseur.

"Jump" by Leslie Kirshhoff

“Jump” by Leslie Kirshhoff

Rather than picking and choosing works from specific artists, Michals accepted any work that her creative friends were willing to exhibit. She had no problem finding willing artists; within two weeks, forty artists said yes.

The exhibit will feature over 100 works of art from 70-plus artists. For 10 percent of the artists, their entire body of work focus on these nine-lifers. Jason Edward Davis, Heather Mattoon, Rachel K. Schlueter and Walter Chandoha are a few of those artists dedicated to the feline form. One of the pieces to look forward to is a Chandoha photograph that has never been available to the public. All of the artwork will be available for sale and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Kitten Rescue.

If this show sounds like it’s up your alley, Michals has founded another event, CatConLA. This convention features some of the world’s top kitty merchandise and innovations. Tickets are available at In the meantime, come see the quirky and irresistibly cute felines in action.


"Smoking Cat" by Michael Caines

“Smoking Cat” by Michael Caines


Visit the official Cat Art Show website for more information.

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"Cat Hair Couple - Him" by Rae Cook

“Cat Hair Couple – Him” by Rae Cook


"Solar Bub" by Johanna O'Donnell

“Solar Bub” by Johanna O’Donnell


"Yawning Toothy Silhouette" by Brandon Boyd

“Yawning Toothy Silhouette” by Brandon Boyd


"Ascension" by Zane York

“Ascension” by Zane York


"Sakura Night" by Midori Furuhashi

“Sakura Night” by Midori Furuhashi



“Spike” by Mick Rock


"Five Kittens" by Walter Chandoha

“Five Kittens” by Walter Chandoha


"Rusty" by Edwin Ushiro

“Rusty” by Edwin Ushiro


"Humanity Detected" by Alexei Sovertkov

“Humanity Detected” by Alexei Sovertkov


"Playtime" by Jean Pierre Arboleda

“Playtime” by Jean Pierre Arboleda


"Soft Kitty" by Marion Peck

“Soft Kitty” by Marion Peck



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