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Yay! LA pays respects to its sharpest shooters.

by Daniel Barron



There is simply too much great art content accumulated in our four-year history for one post. The following collection contains all of the desktop and phone backgrounds you’ll ever need. They’re transporting works from men and women with a certifiably magic eye. They unfold journeys of identity, bushwack through urban jungles, and embrace our most seductive dreams.

The camera reveals, or seems to reveal, strips subjects to the bone, and illuminates reality’s essence.With that appreciation in mind, treat yourself and take a moment for these moments.



“the1point8: Electric City” (Published 5/31/13)

by Daniel Barron

Photographer Carlos Gonzalez aka The OnePointEight describes his philosophies.

Quote: “I love [Los Angeles] but I can’t say that I grew up on it. I love the concept of what a city is, or how it can be more than reality.”

Read here.



“10 Great Art Docs on Netflix” (Reposted from Paint Pens Collective 4/10/14)

by Shayna Yasuhara

Paint Pens Collective founder Shayna Yasuhara names ten art documentaries that are worth your viewing time.

Read here.


Collab with J.A.W. Cooper

“Eye of Amato: The Temple of Art” (Published 7/23/14)

by Daniel Barron

Feature on photographer Allan Amato’s artist collaboration project Temple of Art.

Quote: “I try to create the most hyper-realistic version of [my subjects].  That’s what I’d like to be known for.  I like doing portraits where the person looks exactly what they look like.  You’re yourself only better.”

Read here.



“Mathu Andersen: InstaGlam” (Published 12/2/14)

by Daniel Barron

Spotlight on the self-portrait photography of Mathu Andersen.

Quote: “I really wanted it to be interesting and entertaining for me. I treated it initially as more of a journal for myself and as a way I could rationalize connecting to social media”

Read here.



Sacha Baumann: Cut and Dry” (Published 6/18/13)

by Daniel Barron

 Interview with collage artist Sacha Baumann.

Quote: “I feel like I need to give myself parameters or otherwise the universe is too big. There’s too many tricks. I want to challenge myself, but also it helps me to concentrate.”

Read here.



Graham John Bell: Catch A Fire” (Published 10/27/13)

by Daniel Barron

Photographer Graham John Bell talks trends in the industry and his favorite subjects to shoot.

Read here.



“In The Electric Mists with Kristin Cofer” (Published 5/23/16)

by Teddie Taylor

Spotlight on the music and fashion portraits of photographer Kristin Cofer.

Read here.


Steve Diet Goedde

“Steve Diet Goedde Fleshes Out with Femminstants” (Published 1/13/16)

by Daniel Barron

Fine art erotic photographer Steve Diet Goedde unveils his latest series FEMMINSTANTS at Beverly Hills’ Garboushian Gallery.

Quote: “I can still recall feeling the velvety texture and thickness of his weighty Kodabromide black and white prints. I’ve always considered photography more of a physical art – the paper’s surface quality and tangible presence was just as important as what was printed on the paper.”

Read here.



“TASCHEN Books Editor Jim Heimann Salutes LA” (Published 3/24/15)

by Justin Maurer

TASCHEN Executive Editor Jim Heimann is walking LA history. In our in-depth interview he talks about his favorite memories, hotspots, and the hidden gems you need to know about.

Read here.


Photo: Jerry Weber

Photo: Jerry Weber

“The Hive Gallery Explores ‘My L.A.'” (Published 9/2/15)

By Evan Senn

The Hive explores life in L.A. through the photographic lens’ of Angelenos.

Read here.


Photo: b4flight

Photo: b4flight

“I Have A Name Project Gives A Voice to the Homeless” (Published 6/24/15)

by Daniel Barron

The FachaPatoto Gallery and the I Have A Name Project hope to raise empathy and awareness about our nation’s homeless with a one-night art event.

Quote: “One of the most poignant moments of this project came at the Project’s inception. I asked the first man I had a conversation with his name, his reply put us both in tears, ‘You have no idea how long it has been since someone has cared to ask me who I am ’, he said. The project became ‘I Have a Name’ in that instant.”

Read here.


Photo: Tamar Levine

Photo: Tamar Levine

“The Instagram Show at the Melrose Lightspace” (Published 12/5/13)

by Daniel Barron

Preview of The Instagram Show at the Melrose Lightspace, curated by Peter Michelena and Michael Rababy.

Quote: “Traditionally with an art show, you have artists who are deliberately creating for a show. What’s different about this show is that we’re featuring pieces that could have been very spontaneously taken by novices. A lot of the people showing in our show have never shown before.”

Read here.



“The Full-Frontal Photography of Noah Jashinski” (Published 5/18/15)

by Daniel Barron

Photographer Noah Jashinski talks his influences, shooting style, and eroticism in advance of his solo exhibition at Art Share LA.

Quote: “I try to approach my art the same way I approach life. It is why my art means so much to me – when the camera is in my hand, it is the most elevated, transparent, and open version of myself.”

Read here.



“The Photo Finesse of Kung Fu Breakfast” (Published 10/12/16)

by Daniel Barron

Photographer Jay Kantor aka Kung Fu Breakfast talks about his pursuit of capturing and enhancing “artist lifestylers.”

Quote: “My photos are as much about my adventures as they are about the people that I’m with. It’s almost accidental, because I think if you put people in adventurous scenarios you get to see what their true personality is.”

Read here.



“Stacy Kranitz: Growing Pains” (Published 1/28/15)

by Daniel Barron

Spotlight on photographer Stacy Kranitz and her solo exhibition “From the Study on Post-Pubescent Manhood,” opening January 31st at the Little Big Man Gallery.

Read here.



The LA Fotografa Honors Hello Kitty’s Birthday” (Published 11/16/15)

by Daniel Barron

Photographer The LA Fotografa honors Hello Kitt’s birthday across LA landmarks.

Quote: “I wanted to show in a fashion/editorial way of my appreciation for the cute cat by mixing LA lifestyle and fashion with Japanese street style.

Read here.

ALSO: Watch LA Fotografa’s documentary webseries Stories.



“Katherine Leon: The Laugh Picture Show” (Published 6/4/15)

by Steven Ray Morris

Comedy photojournalist Katherine Leon talks entering the field, producing her own shows, and some of her favorite shots.

Read here.



“Blake Little: Preserving Humanity with Honey” (Published 2/25/15)

by Andrea Steadman-Gillanders

Blake Little’s “Preservation” will hypnotize you with its haunting and strange beauty.

Read here.



“Cyrus Mahboubian: Fade In” (Published 9/17/14)

by Daniel Barron

Interview with photographer Cyrus Mahboubian, whose show “Muses” opens at the De Re Gallery on September 18th.

Read here.



“The Seductive and Strident Shifts of the ‘New’ Lilli Mueller” (Published 1/8/15)

by Evan Senn

Lilli Muller’s feminist art explores both our fears and joys in our ever-changing lives as women.

Quote: “My work is very organic in nature: the way it ‘appears to me’ the way it is being digested and lived with until I am ready to get it out. Nature is a very huge emotional and energy charged influence and drive for me (I grew up in a German village of 200 people all farmers except our family — it is my charge for life).”

Read here.



“The Groovy Fusion of Psych Beauty” (Published 7/16/15)

by Daniel Barron (w/ guest reporting  by Donia)

Photographer Rebecca Handler & painter Akira Beard collaborate on the 60s psychedelia-themed “Psych Beauty” art show in New York City. Featuring original shots by J.J. Darling.

Read here.



Photo: Timothy Yang

Daniel Rolnik (Hi, I’m Daniel webseries)

The art critic and owner of the self-named Daniel Rolnik Gallery produced a number of mini docs highlighting eclectic talents.

Featurette on the toy photography of Timothy Yang.

Featurette on the after-hours photo sessions of Scot Sothern.

Featurette on Moby’s 2014 photography shiw at the Project Gallery.


Processed with VSCOcam with e5 preset

“Shawn Theodore’s Photography Keeps Black Neighborhoods Alive” (Published 8/10/15)

by Daniel Barron

Photographer Shawn Theodore discusses his interest in the arts, preserving black neighborhoods on-camera, and highlighting the positivity of the black experience.

Quote: “Black people are, and have always been ever changing under the pressures of society. And in that, the attitude of ‘Still I Rise’ by Maya Angelou is as poignant and topical as ‘Alright’ by Kendrick Lamar.”

Read here.


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