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Collected highlights from Yay! LA’s music coverage.

By Daniel Barron



The following is an anthology of some of Yay! LA‘s most notable music pieces, featuring interviews and exclusive debuts with artists within Los Angeles and beyond. It isn’t a complete compilation of our music content but it should be a good primer for why we have found the indie music scene so eclectic and engaging.

Enjoy! And get exploring!


Design by The LA Fotografa

Design by The LA Fotografa


simon weedn

“L.A.’s Top 5 Record Stores” (Published 9/4/15)

That time contributor, DJ, Raw Power Hour host, and all-around tastemaker Simon Weedn listed his five favorite watering holes for good tunes.

Read here.


Photo: Anthony Leo Deveney

Photo: Anthony Leo Deveney

“The Raw Power of The Absolutes” (Published 5/15/16)

by Chris Camargo

Spotlight on four-piece LA rockers The Absolute, fresh off the release of their EP Time Will Tell.

Read here.



“Geek Out and Get Down with Anabot” (Published 6/18/15)

by Steven Ray Morris

Analise Nelson of the sci-fi psych-pop group Anabot talks her love of music, crossing genres, and her Awesome Mix Mondays series.

Quote: “The stuff that made me really want to do music was No Doubt and Garbage, and seeing these amazing women being so powerful, but in different ways. I love Gwen Stefani, half-rambunctious, half-sexy, but with this childlike energy as she ran around on stage doing push-ups and stuff.”

Read here.


anml lila rose

The Primal Instinct of ANML” (Published 6/23/15)

by Daniel Barron

Toronto-born singer-songwriter ANML, aka Lila Rose, talks the environment, embracing performance art, and taking risks for her new concept LP WE.ANIMALS.

Quote: “I want people to see the interconnectedness of all life. I want the music to allow people to feel the expansiveness of their emotions, and to feel passionate and angry and inspired to make change in our lives for the greater scope of things.”

Read here.

Music Video: “World on Fire”



The Bad Years

Track of the Day: “Beautiful Liar”

Music Video: “Common Mistake”


the big gone music

The Big Gone

In 2015, Yay! LA was proud to debut two live studio sets by LA indie rockers The Big Gone.

Live in Session: “Killer For Crazy”

Live in Session: “Sunset Graveyard”



“Life is Better with Bombón (Published 10/22/15)

by Simon Weedn

The success of Bombón hasn’t kept these women from being humble, passionate, and rad as fuck.

Quote: “I think we named one of our tours ‘The Pretzel Tour’ because of the sheer volume of pretzels we ate while driving from place to place.”

Read here.


bullet and snowfox

Photo: Lauren DeBoer

“Bullet & Snowfox- Bulletproof” (Published 11/19/2014)

by Daniel Barron

Interview with the LA dance rock band Bullet & Snowfox, fresh off the release of their new EP Operator.

Quote: “I think I’m more who I am onstage than any other time. You hear about people like Beyonce, ‘Oh, she’s so shy off-stage, but she has this alter-ego that she becomes.’ That is not my thing at all. Everything I put onstage is exactly who I am.”

Read here.

Music Video: “The Heart”



“Celebrate the Year of the Burger with Burgerama 4” (Published 1/5/15)

by Simon Weedn

Burger Records founders Lee Rickard and Sean Bohrman talk raising the bar for indie festivals with Burgerama 4.

Read here.



Photo: Pooneh Ghana

Carry Illinois

Carry Illinois let us premiere a video of a live performance of their track “Alabaster.”

Watch that here.



“Edward Colver: The Punk Rock Photographer” (Published 3/2/15)

by Alex Distefano

Legendary punk rock photographer Edward Colver sits down with Yay! LA to discuss his inspiration, his techniques and his new book.

Quote: “Had I known back then how historic these all turned out to be then I would have taken much more.”

Read here.


the controversy music

Photo: Marco Cordero

“The Controversy- Howl At The Night” (Published 3/6/15)

by Daniel Barron

Thomas Hjorth and Laura Vall, collectively The Controversy, talk coming to America, their influences, and finding a new sound for their second LP.

Quote: “Even though we come from different parts of the world, different experiences, we kind of have the same vision when it comes to music. And now we’ve been working together for about five years so when I try to express an idea he already knows what it is. We’re really in-sync when it comes to that.”

Read here.

Video: “Queen” of Chinatown” (Live at Seahorse Sound Studio)


danke sound

“Down with Danke” (Published 8/19/15)

by Simon Weedn

Danke opens up about love, LA, and finding comfort in Mouth Confetti.

Quote: “In high school, I listened to Primus and Ween a lot, in fact, Ween is probably my favorite band. So I draw a lot from some quirky sounding music, stuff that doesn’t that doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

Read here.




EMYLE let Yay! LA debut her first single of of her debut EP, “Let It Rain.”

Listen to that here.

Track of the Day: “Drunk On You


rachel fannan

Photo: Lauren Wade

Rachel Fannan

The hyper-versatile Rachel Fannan became a vital part of Yay! LA history. We covered her various music projects, but you can also enjoy her collection of poetry submissions here.

Video: solo, “Lady Stardust” (David Bowie cover)

Track of the Day: Only You, “The Pressure/Let Me Burn”

Track of the Day: solo, “Just Say Goodbye”

Video: Rachel performing on “Teeth” with Emily Gold, Angelica Tavella.


Photo: Linnea Stephan

Photo: Linnea Stephan

“Psychedelic Porch Party: Forest of Tongue” (Published 11/19/16)

by Simon Weedn

Long Beach trio Forest of Tongue open up to Yay! LA about its new album, its creative process and its journey to psychedelic perfection.

Quote: “We were listening to old songs to relearn them and I remember thinking, ‘Fuck, I’ve always been writing about candy and shit.’ ‘I Woke Up With Caramel in My Mouth,’ that was the first song we ever wrote, and this record is about candy, which is all funny, because I hate candy. I hate it, but I use it as a metaphor.”

Read here.


gal pals music

“Pallin’ Around with Gal Pals” (Published 4/25/15)

by Simon Weedn

Jillian Talley of the girl band duo Gal Pals talks developing their new LP Velvet Rut.

Quote: “If you listen to our music, it’s very minimal stuff; we’re not breaking ground or invent a new genre. We’re just trying to make music that we like and our friends will like and can dance along to. So I didn’t mind being extremely referential with our sound.”

Read here.


emily gold music

Photo: Victoria Gold

Emily Gold

Recluse album review.

Track of the Day: “I’m Not in Love” (10cc cover)

“Yay! LA Presents An Evening with Emily Gold”


joel jerome

Photo: Julia Brokaw

“Joel Jerome” (Published 6/24/15)

by Simon Weedn

LA indie music fixture Joel Jerome talks producing records and evolving his solo career.

Read here.



“Minnow- Big Fish” (Published 2/27/15)

by Daniel Barron

The members of LA rock band Minnow talk collaborating on their first LP, touring tips, and the albums they love.

Quote: “You don’t really see those kind of songs out of a band like this, something that’s a three-minute, thirty-second pop song. Rock song structure. Our songs travel.”

Read here.


nacosta music

Photo: Sheva Kafai

“Nacosta- Into The Wild” (Published)

by Daniel Barron

LA rockers Nacosta discuss their favorite tour memories, songwriting influences, and the LA music scene in advance of their debut LP, Under the Half Moon.

Quote: “What I noticed when you get into touring into ‘smaller markets’ is that there tends to be one music scene, but in LA there’s a music scene in every neighborhood.”

Read here.

Music Video: “Paradise Cough”



peach kelli pop

Photo: Kelsey Reckling

“Peach Kelli Pop: Sugar-Coated Pop Rock Royalty” (Published 3/13/15)

by Simon Weedn

Delightful LA artist Allie Hanlon has been getting a lot of attention for her solo project Peach Kelli Pop and their upcoming album–and we got to pick her brain about it.

Quote: “I’m really surrounded by active, inspired, and ambitious people here, so LA’s really different from anywhere I’ve ever lived, in that, I’m surrounded by people who are doing what I do and understand what I’m trying to do.”

Read here.



The Epic Wail of Sad Robot” (Published 6/22/15)

“Cine-pop” duo Sad Robot talk finding their new sound, touring life, and creating art from pain in advance of their new LP Après Moi Le Déluge.

Quote: “We try to say now that it’s ‘cine-pop,’ with a rock edge to it. We come from a blues rock background but we keep using the word ‘cinematic’ over and over because even the poppier songs on this record have this kind of cinematic, bigger sound to it.”

Read here.


michelle shiers

“Michelle Shiers: Photography That Rocks” (Published 3/21/15)

LA concert and studio photographer Michelle Shiers shoots today’s hottest bands.

Read here.


the seshen

“The Seshen: Blurring Boundaries in Contemporary Electronic” (Published 4/20/15)

by Simon Weedn

The Seshen’s Lalin St. Juste and Aki Ehara talk about songwriting, the checks and balances of their process, and the fun of experimenting with different genres.

Read here.


tennis system

“Tennis System- Match Point” (Published 1/24/15)

by Daniel Barron

Post-punk band Tennis System talks their formation, tour life, and their new album Technicolour Blind.

Quote: “This is the first time where there’s been nobody within 3,000 miles and I had no friends, nothing, so I really had to man the fuck up. I feel like if you listen to the lyrics you can hear that in the songs.”

Read here.


Photo: Katie Hovland

Photo: Katie Hovland

“The Sonic Treasures of Treasure Fleet” (Published 2/19/15)

by Simon Weedn

Crossing mediums in its latest project The Sun Machine, Treasure Fleet is capturing audiences and hearts in its new home of LA.

Quote: “I don’t want anybody to ever say, ‘I have no idea what the fuck this song is about,’ unless the point of the song is to make people say ‘I have no idea what the fuck this song is about.’

Read here.


Photo: Lauren Wade

Photo: Lauren Wade

TV Heads

Track of the Day: “Chin Up”

Video: “Flower District” (Live)



Vinyl Pinups

Vinyl Pinups let us premiere the music video for their single “Heart-Shaped Sunnies”

View that here.



“Roxanna Walitzki Brings Opera Into The 21st Century” (Published 5/18/15)

by Daniel Barron

Opera singer Roxanna Walitzki’s speaks about bringing the form into the 21st century and the themes behind her debut EP Exquisite Corpse.

Quote: “The idea of rebirth is incredibly important to me in the context of classical music because I see it as an art form that needs to be reborn in order to continue. I have searched for ways to achieve this for as long as I have studied and performed classical music.”

Read here.

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