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Yay! LA gives you a comedy horn of plenty.

By Daniel Barron



As Yay! LA takes one extended victory lap before ascending through the clouds to journalistic Valhalla, we still have a few gifts and surprises left for you. On the heels of our “Best of: Music” compilation, here is an assortment of our favorite comedy-related stories and subjects covered during the site’s four-year history. In the interest of our non-Southern California readers, we mostly stayed away from listing our coverage of locally-centered events (Some of the shows we featured have now ended their run. And say goodbye to The Meltdown next month! *sob*)

We’ll leave it up to you if you’d like to dig deeper, but in the meantime enjoy this fine fromage of funny!



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megan rosati

“Going Steady with Megan Rosati’s 52 Ways to Break Up” (Published 2/8/16)

by Daniel Barron

Filmmaker and comedian Megan Rosati talks her webseries 52 Ways to Break Up, which recently concluded its third season.

Quote:“I wanted to be able to shoot something myself, and was like, ‘What’s the most drama you could get from two people in a room?’ And for ME, that was a breakup.”

Read here.


3 busy debras

“3 Busy Debras at Brunch” by 3 Busy Debras

Brunch between besties takes a barely funny turn in this four-minute sketch.

Watch here.


alie and georgia

“Turn on the Night Light with Alie and Georgia” (Published 6/29/15)

by Steven Ray Morris

Comedians, TV hosts and podcasters Alie Ward & Georgia Hardstark talk the origins of their partnership and their podcast Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia.

Quote: “The idea that people — especially women — realize they don’t have to be polished and perfect (all the ‘sugar and spice’ bullshit you hear as a kid) is really rewarding. It makes us hope in some distant way we’re helping a few listeners know it’s okay to be themselves.”

Read here.



Lisa Best- Best in Showbiz” (Published 6/2/15)

by Steven Ray Morris

Comedian Lisa Best talks awkward moments, her beginnings in stand-up, and why they should be called animal cookies NOT crackers.

Quote: “The static of the sweater clung to her shirt, and as I pulled off her sweater, her shirt came with it. And there. Standing before me. Was a shirtless old lady. Juuuuuuuuust standing there.”

Read here.



Brad Gage

Brad Gage wears many hats as the host of Sketchmelt at the NerdMelt, host of the Drunk Driving webseries, and star of Rough Day.

Quote: “I used to pull terrible pranks when I was drunk. I used to steal lawn ornaments or take them from one house and put them on another.”

Read our feature on his Drunk Driving webseries here.

Read our feature on his Rough Day webseries here.

“Mr Doxxer” sketch



Amanda May Gavlick
Amanda May Gavlick and friends fight to prove that women CAN be funny and also take dumps.

“April Fool’s Fool” sketch

“Probiotics: For Your Gut” sketch

“Bro Fappening” sketch

“Comedians Tell Dad Jokes” sketch


jean ho photography

Photo: Jean Ho

Baby Geniuses Keep It Cool” (Published 8/10/15)

by Steven Ray Morris

Comedian Emily Heller and cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt talk about their podcast Baby Geniuses.

Quote: “We will not rest until Lisa rides Ben Chunch [Martha Stewart’s horse].”

Read here.



“2 Broke(er) Girls- Chloe and Zoe” (Published 10/3/13)

By Daniel Barron

Interview with Chloe Searcy and Zoe Worth of the webseries Chloe and Zoe.

Quote: “I think everybody on the show is playing a terrible version of themselves. Zoe and I are playing awful, mean version of ourselves, Chloe 2 is playing the stupidest, most obnoxious version of herself, and Josh is just playing a pussy version of Josh.”

Read here.


allie goertz

Photo: Chase Montgomery

The Unexpected Journey of Allie Goertz” (Published 4/29/13)

by Daniel Barron

Singer-songwriter/comedian Allie Goertz talks about how she broke out by making nerdy love letters to the things she loves.

Quote: “I’m trying to bridge the gap between comedy music and sad bastard music like Aimee Mann or Elliot Smith and really marrying the two.”

Read here.


historical roast

“Historical Roast Teaches History A Lesson” (Published 6/8/15)

by Steven Ray Morris

Hosts Eddie Furth & Ryan Pigg take down history at the NerdMelt Showroom with their raucous live show Historical Roast.

Quote: “Keith Carey said to JFK, ‘Famous for being an alcoholic, you couldn’t even take two shots.'”

Read here.


Photo: Jenna Levine

Photo: Jenna Levine

“Dinner Party” w/ Kate Berlant & John Early

Kate Berlant & John Early have a toast to their everlasting friendship in this comedy sketch directed by Andrew DeYoung.

Watch here.


erin mallory long

Photo: Jon Mackey

Erin Mallory Long

Hello Giggles columnist and Best of Friends podcast co-host Erin Mallory Long brings you helpful video guides  to ladyhood.

“How to Be A Girl” video

“How to Survive A Sick Day” video


michelle alexis newman

“The Hotdog Story” by Michelle Alexis Newman

Michelle Alexis Newman animates a friend’s anecdote.

Read here.


Photo: Tyler Ross

Photo: Tyler Ross

“Emily V Gordon Talks Standup Showcase The Meltdown” (Published 6/13/15)

by Steven Ray Morris

Comedy producer Emily V Gordon talks running LA’s hottest standup show The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail.

Quote: “My job is to make sure that the comedians never have to wonder ‘when am I up?’ ‘how much time am I doing?’ ‘what’s happening on the show now?’ so I find it rather easy to wrangle them. They just want to hang out until I come and tap them and tell them they’re up. Wrangling Jonah and Kumail is a different story- they are sometimes nearly impossible to find or drag onstage when I need them.”

Read here.

Also read: Steven’s interview with Emily about her book Super You: Release Your Inner Superhero.


Photo: Mandee Johnson

Photo: Mandee Johnson

Hush Money

Comedy team Hush Money unite in the name of life, laughter, and the pursuit of YouTube subscribers.

Quote: [On the Honeycomb mascot] “Past the thirty seconds that thing is gonna start murdering.”

Read their sketch commentaries here

“The Purge”sketch



Adam Murray

Filmmaker Adam Murray spoofs high fantasy, crime procedurals, and local access programming.

Quote: “If you looked at my internet history before we filmed that it was a lot of ‘fake cum,’ ‘fake edible cum,’ ‘how to make fake edible semen,’ ‘fake edible semen,’ ‘what do they use on porn sets?’

Read his sketch commentaries here

“Jurassic World: Hybrid Dinosaur” sketch

“Rockin’ Rangers sketch

“VFX” sketch



The Olde Money Boyz

Filmmaking trinity The Olde Money Boyz aren’t afraid to get ambitious or very, very weird.

Quote: “My girlfriend hates it.  She says, ‘That’s your most graphic sketch,’ and I’m like, ‘Is it?’ and she says, ‘Well, you shoved that lightsaber up her vagina.'”

Read our feature here.

Read their sketch commentaries here.



Perez Bros.

Bay Area filmmakers Devon & Hart Perez bring the funny.

“Universal Gentrification” sketch

“Coffee Virgin” sketch

“Candy-Gasms” sketch


brandie posey

Brandie Posey

If you aren’t already a fan of Brandie Posey (Lady 2 Lady, Picture This) this 15-minute mini doc should initiate you.

Read here.



Giulia Rozzi

Read our interview about her one-woman show Bad Bride here.

“UNISEF: The United Self-Esteem Fund” sketch

Listen to Giulia’s story “The Grind” on our RISK Show feature here.


sina grace


By Daniel Barron

Yay! LA was proud to premiere an episode of the webseries adaptation of Sina Grace’s autobiographical graphic novel of the same name.

Quote: “The IRL events I was riffing on- book getting cancelled, crisis of faith in my art- were the ones that put me in a position to create Self-Obsessed the graphic novel.”

Read here.



“Jessie Kahnweiler Talks Her Raw, Funny The Skinny” (Published 10/21/16)

by Daniel Barron

Writer/director Jessie Kahnweiler discussed her painfully funny webseries The Skinny, now available via Refinery29.

Quote: “There are people who really don’t like it and that’s actually a huge compliment. I want everyone to love it- slash me- but they don’t and I think that’s what art is supposed to do. It’s supposed to polarize people [laughs]. Any kind of reaction is a win.”

Read here.


beth stelling

Photo: Kim Newmoney

“Beth Stelling: The Beth There Ever Was” (Published 10/8/15)

by Steven Ray Morris

Beth Stelling talks her Comedy Central special and her new album Simply The Beth.

Quote: “I never started with a persona in mind, but when I started I was more dry. I’m more lively now. I’m more comfortable now. I’m having more fun.”

Read here.


allen strickland williams

“Allen Strickland Williams: Dressed to Kill” (Published 6/30/15)

by Steven Ray Morris

Comedy’s sharpest dresser Allen Strickland Williams talks being on CONAN, his sketch group WOMEN Comedy, and preparing for his upcoming “An Evening with…” performance at the NerdMelt Showroom

Quote: “I got fired in December of 2009 and that’s when I jumped in, so I’ve been doing [comedy] now for five-and-a-half years. When I get fired from comedy I’ll go back to my old job.”

Read here.



“Tosh.0 Writers Hit The Road for Threezus” (Published 7/9/15)

by Daniel Barron

Tosh.0 writers, T.K. Kelly, Nick Malis, and Ricky Carmona had a sitdown about life standing up prior to their 2015 national tour, Threezus.

Quote: “Sometimes you go to a town and you think, ‘I’m going to tell this specific joke,’ and then you eat shit. But that also helps, because then you can acknowledge that the joke just ate shit and it mixes things up. It doesn’t feel like you’re reading your act off of a page.”

Read here.



Photo: Michelle Alexis Newman

“Comedians Rib The Writing Craft with Writing F Yeah” (Published 12/4/15)

by Daniel Barron

Creative writing partners Sofiya Alexandra & Courtney Kocak skewer their craft in their ongoing comedy series.

Quote: “The idea came about because of how often we were rolling our eyes at different cliche inspirational quotes that our writer friends were posting. For example the classic Hemingway line ‘Write drunk, edit sober.’ It’s like, that guy had THE WORST life that ended so tragically, why are we taking his advice again?”

Read here.



Young Like Us: Fake Band, Real Friends” (Published 4/2/15)

by Daniel Barron

Spotlight on the musical comedy webseries Young Like Us.

Quote: “It starts to hit you a few months after college that all of your friends aren’t in a two-block radius anymore, you’re feeling lost, there’s separation anxiety for sure. I think the series was about figuring out how to deal with those emotions. When words fail, how do you involve music?”

Read here.


Contributor Steven Ray Morris w/ Baby Geniuses hosts Emily Heller & Lisa Hanawalt

Contributor Steven Ray Morris w/ Baby Geniuses hosts Emily Heller & Lisa Hanawalt

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