Artist Spotlight: Bella Harris

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Artist Spotlight on the divine works of St. Louis-based painter and illustrator Bella Harris.

by Daniel Barron



St. Louis-based Bella Harris is a self-taught artist whose unique educational background and inclinations have yielded enchanting results. Coming from a background in medicine and an Associates of Applied Sciences, she began experimenting with art at the end of 2010 and is now proficient in charcoals, oils, and pastels. These ethereal visions of divine forces and independent women have been featured in a number of online and print media, including, Nasty Gal, Nameless Rebellion Magazine, Art Nouveau Magazine, and The Scribble Project. She also works in carpentry and jewelry design, founding the brand Wooden Ophelia, which produces contemporary woodwork and handmade moon shelves.

Harris is currently the Online Editor of the international arts & culture magazine beautiful.bizarre and a member of the Copycat Violence Art Collective, whose members also include Catherine Bursill Moore, Emi Slade, Joshua Roman, Kamille Freske, and Julia Gabrielov.


Says her bio:

Working with a variety of mediums, St. Louis native, Bella Harris explores the fragility, whimsicality, and unguarded emotional expression between realism and pop surrealism. With an emphasis on off-kilter portraiture, her emotionally driven works convey a sense of vulnerability and haunting individuality. Through her growing body of art and photography, she continues to render interpretative subtle message of self-awareness and personal reflection alongside the many characteristics of a slightly stranger beauty. Her vision presents a wide spectrum of dark detailed lines juxtaposing light minimalism while other works capture a true range of color. Thriving deep in a collective vein driven by fragments of self-perceptions, the reservations in which one’s own criticisms have the ability to cripple distinctiveness are shed. Bringing to life new techniques and evolving styles, each piece embodies personal attachments of the artist’s creative voice and aims to embrace the viewer while delivering a nearly tangible variance of emotional communication. With consistent study, she methodically incorporates a variety of styles to convey the journey of her deeply personal vision.


For Yay! LA‘s October 2015 Yay! Horror Movie A Day series she interpreted American Horror Story: Coven. For Summer 2016’s Yay! Legends Every Day she chose The Dark Crystal.



“The Lovers”



“In All Her Phases”


“For Us And The Moon”




“her bones are made of ghosts”




“Princess Issues”


“Daddy Issues”


bella harris






“Black Cat”


“Pretty Good”


American Horror Story: Coven art for Yay! Horror Movie A Day


The Dark Crystal art for Yay! Legends Every Day


Learn more about Bella Harris website.

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