emily hunt


“The Other Side” by Emily Hunt

No Comments 06 October 2014

  Truth, Sub-truth   Truth: I am not as eloquent As A.E. Houseman. (Forgive me.)   Sub-truth: Eloquence is just a word Dreamed up by its author, Defined by his vision and Human usage.   The inventor of eloquence Is anonymous. And A.E. Houseman’s mother, Along with A.E. Houseman, Is long dead.   Move over, […]

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zerno roli


“The Women in Unflattering Dresses” by Emily Hunt

No Comments 08 January 2014

I miss the women in unflattering dresses Who spend hours cleaning up. Faces, messes. I miss the aspirations of uncorrupted beings The sunlight flickering off of honey pink wine glasses And laywoman wisdoms that we now know were Just ignorance. Your livelihood is living! he digresses Into mumbled talk of libertarian candidates, tomorrow’s points, how […]

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