Artist Spotlight: Allen Panakal

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Artist Spotlight on the impressionistic sci-fi vistas of Allen Panakal.

by Daniel Barron



Born and raised in Chicago in a family of artists, Allen Panakal’s mind currently resides in far-off alien landscapes. He has been illustrating for the past three years after working for over a decade as a web and graphic designer and specializes in loose, impressionistic realizations of intergalactic worlds.


He writes in his bio:

“I’ve always loved art. I come from a family of artists. I started my training at a young age. My Uncle Fr. Michael was the first one to talk to me about my calling. Being an artist himself, he started teaching me when I was very young. He used to tell me that, in our family, there are those who are destined to be artists, That it’s in our blood and I’ve been gifted something great that I shouldn’t waste.”


Panakal professes a long-held fascination with mythology that manifests in his passion project, a series of interconnected sci-fi works titled Ancient Ones, which he has been developing since 2009. He describes:

“Ancient Ones is about a man’s discovery of extraterrestrial civilizations who have been manipulating humanity. As he travels the Milky Way, a seemingly chance encounter with the beings makes him realize that he’s integral to a galactic world machine. Now, he must face the dilemma of saving Earth or letting it perish along with many other planets.”


For Yay! LA‘s Summer 2016 Yay! Legends Every Day project he interpreted the anime series Attack on Titan and TRON: Legacy.


allen panakal



allen panakal

“Knights of Neptune”


allen panakal



allen panakal

“The Traveler”


allen panakal

“The Haunting”


allen panakal

“Neuromancer Steel”


allen panakal



Tol’ja Lovis, Knight of Jupiter”


allen panakal

Attack on Titan art for Yay! Legends Every Day



allen panakal

TRON: Legacy art for Yay! Legends Every Day



Learn more about Allen Panakal on his website.

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